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Save money and live well with Senior savings and free services

Free to Seniors

Join the 1,000+ People Just Like You Who We've Served

What we do and how we keep it free

Serving Seniors is our focus. For 10+ years, our team has served the general public in varying ways. The theme for all our team members: we've served others and helped them live better lives. And we've seen that Seniors are under-served, even by the one company that used to be known to focus on Seniors. 


Free discounts, free services, and free resources. We've vetted dozens of businesses and service providers. Many have agreed to honor discounts, some have agreed to provide their great services for free as a sample in the hopes you book them or refer others to them, and we've compiled many free resources.

How we Keep it Free. We won't charge Seniors an annual membership fee or any fees for our services. We are able to keep all services free because some of our vetted businesses pay us if you decide to patronize them beyond the free samples--through gift cards, private lessons and events, or otherwise. 

For example, if you love our free group golf clinic so much that you decide to buy a series of private lessons from our in-network Golf Pro, we'll earn a commission. On the other hand, you can always just go to the free group lessons.

In other cases, some businesses sponsor specific free services, just so you will consider them. For example, we often have a sponsor for the popular (and free) Life Story service. Our current sponsor is a Medicare insurance agent (you can chat with him by clicking on any of the Medicare Expert links).

Free Service

Why we're running this service


We ♡ serving people and we figured out how to do so while making some money.


Before we started, we litigated on behalf of the little guy against big companies, served a mission in Colombia and Puerto Rico, and built a company that negotiated meaningful discounts on behalf of people who deserve access to the best in life at prices they can afford


We operate to support seniors with free services to help them live their best lives in retirement

Vetted Service Providers

Senior Discounts at Great Local Businesses

Guidance and Advocacy

About Us

We're Utah-licensed realtors, lawyers, and Medicare and insurance experts. We help people maximize their retirement and we look out for their best interests. 

What we're doing


We're leveraging our many years of experience helping people maximize their retirement benefits, compiling our best practices, creating checklists, and negotiating great free services for seniors.

Why our organization exists

We realize that few businesses are designed to serve seniors as a priority. 


We exist to help good people navigate the nuances and challenges of retirement benefits and to live their best lives. We're providing retirement information to make it simpler, all while aiming for the best possible coverage, not just the cheapest.

We take our role as your expert retirement benefits guides seriously. We hope our tools are helpful. Never hesitate to reach out.


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